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Spray-on bedliner

Nothing Beats Spraytech Spray-On Bedliners wITH Full Lifetime WarrantY

If you’ve got a truck, it’s got to be tough! And nothing makes a truck tougher than a Spraytech  spray-on bedliner. This super-thick polyurethane bedliner is air tight, water tight, and extremely flexible. It only makes sense to protect big investments, and with Spraytech spray-on bedliners, you’ve got the perfect insurance to guarantee your truck a long time.

More than just a spray on bedliner

Spraytech coatings are more than just a spray on bedliner! It’s a durable protective coating great for jeep interiors, snowmobile decks, aluminum fishing boats, fiberglass boat decks, inboard boat engine compartments, RV trailer fronts and roofs, garage floors, industrial equipment... The list goes on and on. Spraytech uses permanent coatings which are scratch restraint, slip restraint, and easy to clean. There’s no loss of cargo space, it deadens sound, and your new Spraytech coating won’t crack, warp, or peel. Spraytech won’t break down in extreme temperatures either, and to suit any taste to a “T”. It also comes in just about any color!

Tough, Permanent Protection

Spraytech goes on easily in a day and bonds directly to your truck bed to form tough, permanent protection against rust and corrosion. Other spray on bedliner products may weather and wear—they can crack, leak, and fade miserably. Spraytech is engineered to tough it out, look good, and protect your investment. So, when it’s the right time to make the right decision about your truck’s bedliner, Protect It - Spraytech It!!! Our Coatings can be much more than a spray in truck bedliner. Versatility in application combined with the natural strength of the product makes Spraytech a perfect choice in any situation (trailers, rocker panels, and covering whole vehicles, just to name a few) where proven protection is needed. Think about it. The applications Spraytech offers are endless. Practically any material can be protected or sealed with our products: metal, concrete, fibreglass, even wood. The following are just some of the countless other potential uses that are out there for you to discover.

2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Rockers sprayed
Trailer restoration

Undercoating Protection

We take care oF your vehicle UNDERBODY

What is car undercoating and why should I do it?
Undercoating is a thick layer of an asphalt-based waterproof substance that you can apply to the undercarriage of your vehicle. It doesn't matter if it is car, van, truck or RV - we've sprayed all of them! We also use Corroseal premium treatment to prepare older vehicles for undercoating.

Benefits of undercoating:
- Prevents damage/rust to undercarriage
- Chip resistant properties
- Moisture and corrosion resistance
- Durable rubberized finish
- Sound eliminator, provides superior protection by also reducing road vibrations and road noise.
- Makes washing off mud/dirt easier

What exactly is rust and why is it so bad?
Rust is the chemical process of oxygen and water combining with iron (like the steel in your car, truck, van or SUV). When those elements find unprotected steel, they merge forming the brown, flakey material we call rust.Rust corrosion will eventually eat completely through your metal vehicle unless you stop rust.

Benefits of rust proofing:
Our rust proofing service gives you the best corrosion inhibitor available.Seals the metal and blocks oxygen, water, salt and other chemicals from touching the metal surfaces.Seals vehicle body cavities where rust likes to start. This will not affect the appearance of your vehicle!

Auto Accessories

We can fine-tune your car

Are you delighted and intrigued with trinkets and gadgets for your car? Do you take pride in having the latest invention that compliments your car or enhances your driving experience? Do you revel in the comfort of a decked out interior? Maybe you simply have to have everything on the market to protect your car and its occupants. We’re here to help. For all the accessories addicts out there, this page is for you.

Accessories we offer:
- Tires & Rims
- Light bars
- Floor Mats
- Dro-in bedliners
- Running boards / Power running bards & Nerf Bars
- Side Steps
- Lift kits
- Tonneau covers
+  much more

Spraytech offers a full line of automotive accessories. From floor mats to tonneau covers we have your solution for your vehicle. We sell and install hitches, step tubes, grille guards, tonneau cover, floor mats, mud flaps and much more! Spraytech offers a warranty on all products and services we do. Give us a call or email us for a quote on your vehicle. Brands offered are BAKFlip, WeatherTech, Truxedo, Extang, just to name a few.


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